It’s all I have been feeling lately. We FINALLY made it to our destination of Three Hills, AB.

We were expecting a move north to be challenging in the middle of winter but WOW! Somewhere among halting weather (literally) and frustrating airlines, we are here. I am thankful for friends and family that would allow us to just be at their place, knowing that with three small kiddos, “just being” is sometimes difficult and to say the least intrusive. We have now been here for four days and are settling in. After all the white-outs and storms Robb weathered in getting up here, we are blessed with unusally warm 30 degree weather. I’ll take it. Our house is cozy and warm with a little room to run. And there is something about looking out my kitchen window onto little more than a snowy plain that helps me breathe in the morning.

Robb is already on day 3 and last of his first aid/wilderness training. One class already down. The kids and I spent the morning exploring the town (and how i managed to get a bit lost in a town of 3,000 11 streets wide is beyond me). But we got our pool passes for the indoor aquatic center, looked in on the ice arena (used mainly for what else? ice hockey and curling- i think we’ll just stick to the public ice skate) and a small arts academy. I’m already thankful for these fun things to do that are so close. I’m thankful that even though i’m sitting amongst some unpacked boxes we are settling in quickly. I feel thankful for this opportunity…and adventure. I expect this thankfulness will wane a bit with negative temperatures but for now i’ll just be happy to sit in this gratitude.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude…

  1. I love this…it is like I just talked to you. I wish I could look out my window at that scene…yes, I love winter. I had this great big smile on my face when I read “gratitude”. I thought, “You go, Kristy…you get it already!” Can’t wait to read more. And I want to learn that handshake at some point. That Robb is so clever! Miss you…praying for you!

  2. Hi Friend! So great to get updates from you and see pictures of your sweet family. I just added your blog to my “favorite blogs” folder. 🙂 Can’t wait to read more….

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