day of first days of school…

Samara, to the director of the preschool as we were meeting her for the first time and thanking her for being so patient and gracious in letting us step in late in the year: “I’m not going to school and i don’t want to meet the teacher.” well, that’s my girl and how I would expect first day jitters to surface in her. She is my brave one but i guess we all have our limits of how much “new” we can process at one time. And we’ve had a lot of new lately. After my talking to her about how hard it is to walk into somewhere new, not knowing anyone, blah! blah! blah! it took her dad (who was also starting his first day of meteorology class) to step in and make it all better by coming up with a first day of school handshake, a resolve to both be brave together and a promise of coming together after to share all about it with each other, to make things alright. But she was a brave girl. As I came in to the back of the classroom to pick her up, she was sitting front and center answering the teacher’s prompts about the letter, “g”…and then i saw her fool around with the blonde girl next to her. When she saw me, I got a big hug and she wanted to show me around the classroom. I got to meet Sophia, the blonde girl, whom she said became her friend because it just happened. (aren’t those the best kind?) She was so completely energized by meeting the new people and being so stimulated. As we were leaving she asked if there was school tomorrow. At the answer no, she said, “aww…man!” That is also my girl.


3 thoughts on “day of first days of school…

  1. I love the secret handshake and solidarity over having a first day of school at the same time!

    I am so glad you started the blog. I miss you very much, but following your adventures is the next best thing.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!! I am so happy to see into your world in Canada! You are totally missed!! Didn’t you and I become friends “because it just happened.” Praying for you!!!

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