walking on sunshine…

Well, as it turns out, we are experiencing unseasonably warm weather. Today it a high of 40 degrees (that’s fahrenheit, of course. My head already hurts from trying to think in Celcius and I have already ditched the idea of doing any calculation and am now just trying to memorize a few key temps) which is crazy as people in Chicago are freezing and NJ can’t plow themselves out fast enough. It has made getting out and moving around with three kids in a new place a little bit more palatable (although i’m not ready to talk about my trip to costco in the big city). One of the most beautiful things about this place is the sunshine. While we could well be living in negative temperatures often, it’s so bright outside as the sun reflects off the snow and ice on the ground that it’s blinding. Of course, 40 degree weather also turns that snow and ice on the ground to slosh, mud and puddles, but we’ll take it. We went for a walk outside today…

Samara cannot get enough of shoveling...we wish she were older and could actually make a dent in it. Actually come to think of it, we can't make a dent in it either.

She was pretending to "do" his nails. This boy doesn't stand a chance.

This was actually a pretty treacherous climb.

would do anything for those smiles.


4 thoughts on “walking on sunshine…

  1. It’s great to hear that you finally there and getting settled in. The house here is quiet now. Just Trush asking for food once in awhile. Great pictures of the kids. Tell Samara that I couldn’t believe that she found a friend with the same name as her doll. Also let her know that I didn’t forget her picture of the giant tooth. It will be coming! Tons of snow in NJ. We got 12 more inches last night. Let us know when you get your phone working right so we can call you.

  2. We are so glad that you finally made it to Canada after your long wait in not just one airport but two. By the pictures and comments it seems that you, Robb and the kids are adjusting to your new home and surroundings very nicely. Samara looked like she was having such a fun time in the snow. Sela and Ethan seems to enjoy it too but in a different way (from the carriage) – so cute!! Give the kids our love.

  3. Happy 3rd Birthday Sela! Don’t eat too much birthday cake unless it’s one that you really, really, really like. Love Evie

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