dinosaurs and drumheller…

I got up this morning and had had enough… enough of unpacking boxes, organizing and cleaning.  enough of feeling confined to our cozy home.  enough of when we do leave, driving my kids an hour and a half to two hours away only to put them in a cart and be pushed through costco or safeway.  so when we got up this morning, I packed up and we headed to a well-known attraction in this area (meaning a little over an hour away) to the small town of drumheller.  it is known for its’ dinosaurs and bones found in excavations in the area.  it doesn’t seem like the obvious choice of fun for two preschool girls and a baby boy but it turned out to be a blast. 


 Sammi eats these kind of things up…she’s insatiable when it comes to learning.  Sela just followed suit and had fun skipping through.  She liked talking about when she used to be a dinosaur and what that was like.  Ethan was content enough to be wheeled around and didn’t seem to be taken by much else but any food that i handed him.  It seems that’s the area of his insatiability.  We had a great time, learned a few things about dinosaurs that we hadn’t previously known due to the disney show, “dinosaur train” and learned about things like microscopes, bones and that money thrown in a small pond will kill the fish. 

 that in and of itself was worth the trip but this was the best part for me.  For the most part this is what the prairie around us looks like this…

But then we came around the corner near drumheller and it was breathtaking. 

I wish I could’ve taken better pictures but I was taking them while driving.  Sela said, “Look at all the bumps, mom” and Sammi said that she knew that dinosaurs loved mountains and so that’s probably why they lived here. 

 Then we came across this sweet little church in the middle of nowhere (which reminds me- Robb got a prairie email today announcing that the prayer chapel doors were frozen shut, so no praying today 🙂 ).

oh, no!  look, there are two dinosaurs now.


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