igloo contractors…

Robb is becoming an igloo contractor.  I.AM.NOT.EXAGGERATING!  The California  born, bred and raised boy (and let’s be honest, every Californian takes issue with inclement weather of any kind) left today to travel up into the Canadian Rockies for the week.  Tonight and tomorrow, you can picture him at a lodge, (www.frontierlodge.ca)  reading by a roaring fire and sipping hot cocoa,  but the dream stops there.  On Monday, as a part of a wilderness survival class, he will take a hike into the woods and will be left there with only three other guys and told to survive for the week…in the negative temperatures, with only the food they’re given that will have to be rationed, three matches and very limited equipment.   They must build shelter from the snow and keep the fire going.  They were told to be prepared to be cold, hungry and pretty bored.

This is a good time to mention, if you don’t know him well, that Robb gets cold and bundles up on balmy summer evenings.   Due to extremely fortunate genetics and a propensity to run, he has little to no body fat.  I don’t think I EVER thought that I would be able to come up with one scenario where that would not be enviable…but I think this is it.  Needless to say, he doesn’t handle the cold very well.  and this is extreme cold.

This morning early we could hear the wind really blowing and howling against the house (in fact, as I sit here and write I can hear the same thing- part of living on the prairie).  I didn’t think that was helping him anticipate what was coming.  The first words he uttered were, “I could do without this sound, aye?”.  It made me giggle but then I just started praying out loud for him.  My prayer is that he will be open… Not many of us, well, at least people I know (but I don’t know a lot of Canadians yet), get to have an extreme wilderness experiences like this but isn’t it these situations where we’re at a loss of much control and uncomfortable that we learn more of who we really are in a way that can open us up for God to teach us who He really is.   My prayer is that Robb finds that and that in any of his weakness, he will find God is his strength.   I’m anxious already to hear…


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