Ethan’s first haircut…

One of my favorite things about having a little boy so far has actually to do with hair. No long hair to wash and brush. No ribbons, bows and those impossibly little barrettes. of course, both of my girls have had lots of hair from the very beginning- so it’s a nice change.

But no one told me about the problem of keeping a boys’ hair from growing over the top of the ear. I’ve tried snipping it but I’m just not good with scissors and little boys, let alone clippers. maybe when he’s older. But it was time for Ethan to get a haircut. He was well beyond “alfalfa” stage and was developing a whole fan of hair sticking up in the back. and long pieces hanging over the ears.

He got his official first haircut (although my sister-in-law did some snipping at Christmas time) yesterday, in time for his birthday. And this is how that went.

I envisioned getting a nice picture of his first haircut, but all of sudden chaos ensued.  Ethan starts screaming, the girl started frantically cutting, another girl comes over and is blowing bubbles, Sammi and Sela are jumping in a small ballpit and I’m trying to take a picture fast, so I can try to comfort him.  If you click on any of the pictures, they are blurry so I had to keep them small.  The camera was set on manual from my class and I didn’t notice but even if I did, there just wasn’t time to stand and adjust.  I didn’t even really get a good ‘before’ picture.  But it was quick and relatively painless. 

he’s a handsome one!!!!


One thought on “Ethan’s first haircut…

  1. I couldn’t agree more. One of my favorite things about having a boy after four girls is the simplicity of clothing, hair, and even emotions. 🙂 I love the ease of no barrettes, bows, ribbons, hose, leggings and tights for dresses & skirts, etc.! 🙂 And the benefits of his insatiable appetite are that he can usually be pacified with food; to which I am rewarded with multitudinous smiles. 🙂

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