some bad news and some good news…

So, I’m finally ready to write a bit about my day on Monday…that whole day was the bad news.  I went down to calgary (took me 3 hours) to a blood appt.  My day involved inclement weather, a crazy gps so I lost my way, an up-close and too personal view of the pick-up truck in front of me, an over-heated car, tow truck and rental car.  and in the middle of all that, a doctor’s appt.  but it was a great appt. and for the frustration i have been feeling with small town doctors…well, part of the problem is the lack of this small town’s doctors, I was glad I went, even with all the trouble.  The appt. made me feel much better.  Now I have what i need if something happens with ethan or samara with their blood disorder.  And things could always be worse.  When I had gotten back into the car to drive home because I wasn’t aware of the extensive damage the seemingly little skid into the truck did, my gps still wasn’t working.  so, I called my dad (because of course Robb doesn’t get cell phone service in his quincy hut) to give me directions…but I was already too turned around to follow so I decided to head back to the hospital so that I could start again…by the time I was re-entering the garage – my car was smoking inside and out.  What would I had done if that was the side of the road in negative temps with heavy snow and three small kids? I know God was leading me.  And sometimes I like to walk through how things might be different if they happened in my home state of NJ (I speak affectionately, of course).  It is somewhat likely they would’ve told me to move my *bleep* *bleep* car because it’s in the *bleep* way.  Or for sure no one would have been patient with me and my three kids, who just needed to run and play a little by this point…and nap.  The tow truck driver might have over-charged me and pocketed some cash.  oh, why go on?  Instead, I’m dealing with Canadians and the stereotype is true: they are friendly and nice and genuinely care.  Everyone that I came across helped me.  I don’t mean they just smiled at me and nodded…they went out of their way and helped.  The man I rear-ended was kind and making sure we were okay, all the hospital personnel dealing with my van in the way and me were doing all they could to help me and never seemed bothered that this happened and inconvienced them.  The people working in the play room engaged my kids in such a happy and fun way that even Ethan didn’t know I was outside making phone calls, etc.  The lady at the tow truck company, after hearing I was at the hospital all day said that she’s been there and gave me 10% discount just like that and I can’t even say enough about Crystal at Enterprise when she picked me up in the car.  She went above and beyond and made my life so much easier.  So, tomorrow I have to go file a police report because apparently here they won’t fix my car until there’s a police report.  I cannot wait for Robb to get home…and I’m thinking when he does, he might wish he was back in his hut. 

On the up-side we had our first playdate today and it was so fun…


5 thoughts on “some bad news and some good news…

  1. Sorry about your day . . . I’m glad that people helped you out so nicely .. . you are a trooper. I will be praying for you and I will be praying for your husband in that cold igloo.

  2. Oh Kristy – so sorry to hear about your stressful day! 😦 I am so thankful that people came alongside to help and were understanding – exactly what we all need in times like that! 🙂 Nadia did not have a good day at school on Monday. 😦 What was it about Mon.?!

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