Growing in the grace and knowledge…

These are some of the pictures I took for this week’s photography assignment…

We were supposed to be playing with reflective and diffused lighting.  I don’t think I nailed it on the head or anything, but he told us to photograph what meant something to us.  Since it’s very difficult to get small children to sit still by the window, this was the next best thing.  Their names. 

Not too long after Samara was born, I was a Christmas Fair at Dupage County Fairgrounds.  I don’t even quite remember how it came about, but I walked out of the building with little wooden sign.  The person who wrote, ‘Guarded by God’ on the sign didn’t even charge me.  It wasn’t anything flashy.  But one night when Samara was still small and afraid of the dark, I pulled out the sign and explained it to her.  She absolutely loved it.  She hung it up on her bed and she wouldn’t allow it to be taken down.  I think she truly believed that if that sign was there she would be guarded.  After Sela came along and got old enough to ask, she, of course, wanted to know where her sign was.  It was a good question. 

I asked Ann Holman, a talented artist and friend to paint these for me this past Christmas. I absolutely love them…I think that she perfectly captured the meanings of their names.  They’re hanging up in their room and even though at such a young age, it’s hard for them to appreciate, my prayer is that one day they will.  Not only the signs but the meaning of their names. 

Samara’s name means, “Guarded by God”.   I didn’t know it when we named her but that is my prayer encapsulated for her.  With her blood disorder, her immune system now as well as the energy she so often doesn’t know what to do with and all that’s good and bad about her unique strength, I need her to be guarded.  not by me…but by God.  “He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge.”  Ps. 91:4

Sela means, ‘Strength’ and that she has.  What a defining name for her.  While she has a sweetness and compliance about her, she can be unbendable.  My prayer is that she will learn how to use that for God’s glory and not only her own purposes.  “The Lord is my strength and my shield”. Ps. 28:7   Today we were reading, “Halfway Herbert” by Francis Chan.  She particularly likes the part where it shows what happens when you only brush half your teeth.  But when we got to the part about how if you believe in Jesus, He sends a friend to be with you- the Holy Spirit.  She told me that He was God…and Jesus was God too.  and then she went into a little 3-year old sermonette about the Trinity.  I just laid there smiling.  Those are the moments. 

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, girls…


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