nilgrilis tea house


Ever since I arrived in Three Hills I have been waiting to go to Nilgrilis Tea House.  Apparently it’s the place to go…and it was.  and my mother-in-law was the perfect person to go with (She’s been staying with us all week while Robb was away- made my life so much easier).  We gave Robb a day after returning to recover and then we stuck him with the kiddos while we sipped fine tea and sampled delectable sweets.  We talked about travels and experiences…I loved every minute. 

I first experienced tea in a tea house like this when I lived in California.   I had never tasted “tea” like that before.  real tea.  not lipton in a bag.  Plus I absolutely loved the “experience” of it.  Sitting down at a tea time with friends or family.  It’s so unique and I fell in love with it.  I even have a dream, buried deep in the mother of young kids stage of life that i’m in, that one day I could run one.  If I ever got the chance and the timing was right, I would jump on it. 

Nilgrilis was a bit different than the one in California and I just love the story behind it.  The owner, Karen grew up in the hills of Nilgrilis, India as a missionary kid.  This area is known for its tea.  Plus, her father was Canadian and her mother was British and she grew up with tea time.  She said she remembered, years ago, walking with her mother at a flea market.  She mentioned to her that one day she would love to run a tea house.  She got tears in her eyes as she told us that right away her mother found and bought her a blue tea cup and saucer and told her that now she had her first cup.  Only mothers believe in us like that.  Her mother passed away a few years ago and now this tea house is in honor of her.  It’s beautiful and I love the Indian flair. 

I just know this will become a special place for me here.


7 thoughts on “nilgrilis tea house

  1. I was hoping you would find a cozy little place in your town to relax. Looks like the tea house is the perfect place to enjoy especially with all the cold weather. That must have been a special time with your mother-in-law. My mother-in-law was just in and I took her to LeCreperie in Wheaton. It’s all about the experience and livin in the moment…..miss ya friend!!

  2. Nilgrilis Tea House looks beautiful! I could totally picture you running a tea house one day! 🙂 I agree with you – sitting down for tea with family or friends is one of the best times to take. Wish I could be sitting down for tea with you there right now…

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  5. I just read this post with your wonderful pictures. That was only 2 1/2 months ago, but it seems like you have been around much longer – you fit right in so well! I remember your and your mother-in-law’s visit, and thought how sweet was the interaction between the two of you. Please bring her back again!

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