cuddles and kisses…

We started going to the public library’s preschool reading time.  Besides preschool itself, it’s our only planned activity each week.  The library is pretty tiny and the kids’ section is smaller than my kitchen.  I didn’t know what to expect for reading time…and then we met Auntie Lois, as she calls herself.  She’s also teeny tiny and is a retired school teacher.  She has those kids’ attention from the moment they walk in the room.  Stand up, sit down, count the legs on your chair, follow me (as she literally marches this line of small children through the library to the kids’ section.  She has no fear.  She had our names down after telling them to her once.  Not only was she interested in making my kiddos comfortable (of course, she knew we were new to town) but she told me to use the time to get to the other moms.  That’s really important to her and she introduces everyone to each other each week.  Samara is one of the oldest ones, and by far the biggest…a few whoop-di-does from Auntie Lois about being a great help and cleaner-upper and Samara is looking for ways to pitch in.  It’s phenomenal. 

all the girls standing to be counted by little boy in front

Today in reading time, there were some animals cuddling in the book they were reading and Auntie Lois asked if anyone cuddles with their families at home.  Sela, who was wiggling in her little chair next to Sammi, reached up and put her arms around Sammi’s neck.  With the biggest smile and large enthusiasm, she said, “WE DO!!!”  Samara sat real still and while she had a small smirk on her face, she said a bit exasperated, “SAYYY-LAAAA”, as if she were embarrassed by it.  Sela was so proud.  It was so sweet. 


These were my two favorite moments of the day…


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