things unseen

Robb walked past me at the computer last night and said, “you sure blog a lot”.  He has started calling me ‘blogger’ as in, “hey, blogger, how ya’ doin?”  He used to call me facebooker.  I told him that I’m really liking it.  How as a mother of young kids you often go through the day, busy doing things but at the end of the day not really sure what you did.  There is something about blogging that puts something down, even just in words, there is evidence that I did something. 

But apparently, God had something to teach me.  because today I came across this…

Try everyday. I do. Really, I do. I laugh, shake my head. Who would know it, looking around here most days?

I get up to fill the pitcher at the tap, sapling child needing rewatering. Test the temperature with the fingers, then fill. Who can see the spelling lessons? The breakfast made this morning? The next chapter of The Yearling read, the last child rocked early in the morning, the prayers whispered middle of the morning? I try in a week and a lot may get done, but the right things? Like water through fingers…

I water this grove of children. The water pours and think how I want a crumbless, smudgeless, spotless house, a house with empty laundry baskets, empty sinks, empty garbage cans, with floors like mirrors and mirrors like water, and a pantry lined neat like books in the study and pies lining the counter like sweet children all in a row. I want the (seeming) perfection all day that only happens at night when the whirl slows to a still and the six children sleep, their books and their legos, their papers and their creations, all finding their resting places too. I want a father-in-law who walks in mid-spin and sees what I have done with a day, with a week, and smiles his satisfaction.

I want things seen.

These can be idols.Again, today, I must: Slay the idol of the seen.

Today, a thousand times again today, I will: preach the truth to this soul prone to wander. I will seek the affirming smile of Father.
These words were written by ann voskamp in  They are beautiful and they were exactly what I needed to read…and learn…and live.

Unseen. Things Unseen. Invest in Things Unseen.”

The dishes pile on the counter and we sit, read Scripture, take the hand beside us, and we pray.


3 thoughts on “things unseen

  1. HI Kristy, I lost the link to your blog somehow and then tracked it down through Kristy Lucas today. So thankful to “catch up” on your lives. Love every entry, but I espeically love this one. I am so thankful you like Ann Voskamp…I quoted her in my message at PFY this morning. I know I mentioned this before…but can I send you her book? It is sooooooooo good! 🙂 I thought the video of Ethan was priceless. I also enjoyed hearing your voice. You are missed…your voice, your laugh, and especially your smile. The picture from the tea house made me feel like I saw you at church today. I am going to forward your link to Danny’s friend at Moody who is from Saskatoon…she will love what you said about Canadians! She is everything you said and more. I am off to bed…very tired after two sessions of teaching and the stuff of life. Have Rob give you a great big hug from me! Love, Anne

    • Anne- loved hearing from you, as always. You’re the only reason that I know about ann voskamp. In fact, for some reason the other day, I remembered you mentioning her and tracked down the site through our coorespondence. I was going through old emails, facebook messages, etc. finally found it and next thing i knew it was 2 hours later. what? you were so right. one of the best blogs i have ever read. thanks for sharing. and you’re so sweet for offering but I ordered the book on my kindle and plan on beginning to read it tonight. I will let you know when I’ve finished. wish we could go to coffee and just talk about it in person.
      miss ambassadors, pfu, and wbc. 😦 I haven’t opened anything from my “box” yet but I think i will now that I know you taught today and I missed it. with all my heart!

  2. Wow – that was beautiful! It so apptly describes how I feel most every day…but expressed so eloquentl; such beautiful imagery. 🙂

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