One year ago, a brave little girl…

went into surgery today to have two organs removed laproscopically.  It was a hard morning waiting, but I have found no other girl so courageous.  What you can’t tell in this picture is how much pain she was in after and how hard it was for her to move. 


Last year, the whole month of February was very…umm…challenging to say the least.  But, as always, there were also some lessons learned.  This was one of the big ones. 

A Parenting Paradigm Adjustment
“They say you live in hospitals and trenches, and towers in the sky” (“The Emptiest Day” © Caedmon’s Call)

We walk into places like hospitals especially when it has to do with our children expecting to pray our hardest. We realize as they are wheeled away that we have no other choice but to trust…God and the doctors. We are completely out of control. Samara’s name means, “Guarded by God”. This is one of the reasons I love her name because I wholeheartedly believe that. However, this experience required that I line up that belief with everyday life…in a hospital. We have this sense as we handed her over to the surgeon that we were also releasing her to God but as I thought about it more, I realized the untruth of that. It seemed arrogant that I thought that I could release anything to God. She is already His. There is no handing over; all of my children are already in His hands only. I feel like they are in mine because I love them so much and take care of them. Like so many parents before me, I realized I am actually only a participant, albeit a big one, in their young lives. He has numbered their days and the hairs on their head and that is a comfort.


4 thoughts on “One year ago, a brave little girl…

  1. Okay, I am thinking I need to copy today’s entry and give it to every mom who sends a child far away to college…or the mission field…or war! (gasp!) You hit it square on the head. And, you are still such a young mom! I get goosebumps thinking about what God has planned for you…so much wisdom, so much insight. Keep writing. I am sure it does something for you, and it certainly does much for me! Love you!

  2. Ditto to what Anne said! Yes – do keep blogging because your writing is doing something for all of us that read it! I miss & love you so much! Small group Bible Study is not the same without you all. We sorely miss the fun and laughter you brought! Steve said, “Where are we going to find a fun couple like the Tuckers?” Good question…
    Happy (surgery) “Anniversary” to Samara! 🙂

    • Joy…all of your comments were so sweet…I enjoyed reading all of them.
      Yes, sitting down to tea with you- i wish the same thing. it would probably beat my car in the winter on a driveway outside the gemmel’s house into the wee hours. ahhh, that was good too.
      miss you too, friend.

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