lucky me…

I don’t know how or when this happened but I’m so glad that it did. 

Every night after dinner, Samara excitedly asks when it’s time to vacuum.  She gets the vacuum out of the closet, sets it up and at my cue, away she goes…on hands and knees.   It’s wonderful.  As you can see, our eating space is carpeted- most likely by somone who didn’t have children.  With a three year old and a one year old, I could easily need to do this four times a day.  I don’t, but I could.  But now Samara has declared that she Ab-so-loooootely loves this chore.  Far be it for me to take that joy away.


One thought on “lucky me…

  1. You go Samara girl! I think it’s great that she loves to clean. Isn’t it funny how they all of a sudden pick up on something they like doing and just do it. Love you Samara!

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