little house on the canadian prairie…ethan’s loft.

Our sconce house is technically a five bedroom house.  Although, three of the bedrooms are downstairs in the “finished” basement.  One interesting aside about this house is that there are three furnaces which even the fireplace/heating guy, Carl, said he’d never seen before.  So, it actually behooves us to not use the bottom floor too much because then we don’t have to heat it. 

However, that leaves two bedrooms upstairs and lucky for us a tiny loft.  Ethan has his own little nook, which can be challenging when the nook is lacking a wall and is open to the downstairs of the house but it’s actually working out better than we anticipated.  My mother-in-law, who learned how to sew in 4H in school (this is why I like to blame the NJ educational system that I grew up in for not being able to sew…seriously not one stitch, because they didn’t even provide a 4H club- perhaps this is the same reason that I’m not partial to barnyard animals as well) was a tremendous help in stitching here and there and coming up with curtains that hang in the right places to block light. 

I would like to pull it in a little closer so that it’s easier to notice the temperature outside…mid-morning.   This was the warm, sunny part of the day.  brrrrr…

There is a tiny rectangular window on the front wall.  Two nights ago, Ethan woke up crying and when I went in to see what was wrong his whole crib was illuminated.  The light must have woken him up.  It was from the full moon which was shining just right into his little loft.  I had to rig some blankets over the side just to give him some shadows so that he could sleep.  It was ethereal.  If I was a real photographer I would’ve tried to take a picture…that and it would’ve been way too much effort at 1:30 am.  But I kind of wished that I had tried.  It would’ve been worth capturing.


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