My friend, Jillian, just said to me, “Ever since I moved here, I feel like something is crawling on my skin and then I realize that it’s just that dry here.”  Believe it or not, that is an understatement.  It is so dry that you have these little cuts pop up on your hands and feet and it’s just from the climate sucking all the moisture out and splitting it open.  My skin has become painful. 

Unlike most, I had the ideal skin as a teenager.  I would go as far as to say that it was the peak of its performance.  As they say, from there it’s all downhill and for me that meant the gradual drying out of my skin.  I have always not only been able to but actually needed to slather lotion on my skin like a painter on canvas.  From the time we were young my sister would actually cringe as she watched me and had to look away.  Therefore, I know my lotions…and they are not created equal.  I detest the watered down, perfumed jug of drinkable yogurt consistency type of lotion…absolutely useless.  You really can’t go wrong with a Clinque lotion but I still somewhat found it lacking.  I had resigned myself to just spreading on the fragrance-free Eucerin for the rest of my life.  Until I just found this…


Clarins Hydraquench Rich Cream for Very Dry Skin or Cold Climates.  I fit both criteria (it actually says on the bottle that it helps skin in -20F weather ) AHHHHHHHAHHHHHH!  I can’t even tell you what this had done for my life.  It’s the consistency of country crock spreadable butter- the kind that doesn’t glup around unless you push it with your finger.  I look forward to putting it on every night.   Clarins- take me away!


2 thoughts on “mmmm…lotion!

  1. I’m loving your stories and advice. I’ll try your goo and remember the un-seen things. I’d love to have proper tea with you. Love, Mindy’s Mom

    • Kathy…we’ve eaten easter ham together and shared thanksgiving meals. You don’t have to write Mindy’s mom so that I know who you are. 🙂 and you definitely should try the clarins stuff…chicago’s not dry but this winter especially you definitely fit into the cold climate category. thanks for writing.

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