foggy day…

I was in a fog all day, maybe because it was one of those nights…when the one child that you desperately don’t want to awaken, does.  And therefore, the whole house is awake because of their crying, screaming and no talking or cuddling seems to quiet them.  Then you can’t console one long enough to not be interrupted by another crying.  and so it goes…at 3:30 in the morning. 

It was an early morning wasted.  That’s when I’m best.  Robb graciously got up and took my normal shift and let me sleep until the very last-minute before he had to go.  But I missed my own time…to be quiet with the Word, to talk, to prepare for the day…and so I start behind.  The whole day it was like I was in a cloud or something.  We had a playdate with someone I just met, a Kiwi (from New Zealand).  She also just moved here.  Her and her small son, who looks like he should be out in the pasture with the sheep with his fluffy blonde hair and wool clothes.  She said interesting things like, “rubbish” and “nappies” and I felt like I wasn’t myself. 

So, I finally just let it all go.  stopped cleaning, moving and decided it was just the day.  I sat down on a stool in the kitchen and took out my camera to take some pictures of my dirty-faced son playing on the dirty kitchen floor…

…and they even came out foggy.  well, tomorrow’s a new day.


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