It was birthdays and valentine’s day all over again.  Aunt Kerri had sent us two packages and we finally tracked them down at the post office right after library reading time.  Their was so much anticipation…everyone was super-obedient just to get home fast to open them up.  In it all, Sela said, “We sure are lucky, aren’t we, Mom?”  Yes, we are, Sela.


2 thoughts on “PACKAGES…

  1. Do you guys have regular mail service? Our address in the town we lived in in Ontario was “General Delivery, P.O. Box…” and everyone in the town would pick up their mail at the post office. You know you live in a small town when…

    The town did have a traffic light at the main intersection, and I worked in Toronto, where my colleagues would joke that the morning traffic report was a guy going “it’s red!” 🙂

    • yes. I didn’t even know that though. the packages were just sitting there and I finally figured out how to get them. we are actually using our po box at the college for getting mail. life in a small town. i’m definitely still learning.
      that’s hilarious about the traffic light. maybe people could even joke about here…except we don’t even have one.

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