little house on the canadian prairie…la cuisine.

I stared at all the cookbooks on the shelf.  It was indeed these books that collected the most dust in my house…and now the thought of moving them all was just plain impractical.  But I have to cook something, so inspired by Anne whom is amazing in all things domestic, I began my recipe binder.  Not rocket science but revolutionary to me, nonetheless.  I collected the few recipes that I actually did use and started writing them on a template and sliding them into sheet protectors. 

We all met at someone’s house in Wheaton with a stack of our recipe in hand and a sample for others to try.  This way you knew if you liked it even beyond just looking at the recipe.  Would you make it?  What would you omit? add?  It was fun and full of laughter.  I knew some of these women COULD cook, so I meticulously added their recipes to my binder…

I listened to Amy talk about her monthly ‘cooking day’ with her 2 friends and her freezer full of meals just waiting to be pulled out and cooked, baked goods for the morning.  Kristin gave me some places to look for recipes particularly with instructions for freezing and offered me what she has learned.  

I packed all of this up and took it with me to Canada and I just have to say that…I have been a rock star in the kitchen… I’m baking and freezing, making scrumptious meals and freezing.  I have been whipping up things like Hawaiian chicken, pesto dishes and salmon dijon. 

I needed to become organized and I did.  It’s like my dad always says about money…if you pay attention to what you have and what you’re doing with it, you can actually worry and think about it less.  Robb’s even started calling me, ‘Prairie Home Companion’, which doesn’t make any sense but I take it as him noticing and acknowledging the ‘rock star-ness’.  I have become much more efficient and I’m actually beginning to, dare I say, enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “little house on the canadian prairie…la cuisine.

  1. I just figured out how to keep getting your blog. I have missed so many of them. They are wonderful! I miss you guys jsut reading them.

  2. I missed this entry….I am so proud of you. It would have been easier to NOT make changes, but you did the harder thing. And now you have the blessing of the results. I will have to send you all my favorite baked good recipes. Then when I make them HERE I can picture you making them THERE! Do you still have an email address?

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