A day at the mall…

 …the Iron Mills Mall down almost in Calgary.  I could easily say it was the nicest mall I’ve ever been in (I say that with the authority that comes from growing up in NJ).  We didn’t buy anything or even really shop…well, I got Starbucks and the girls got some yogen fruz but otherwise we there to just play and explore.  

It was an amazing mall


campfire under the stars

in front of the enormous Bass Pro Shop

Sammi was a little wary of the big bear…  Then we rode some little rides. 

It was the first time I heard Samara declare something like this too babyish…it was a bit sad for my heart.  Almost five is just no more baby.  But Sela loved it.

Of course, the cinderella carriage was not too babyish…

We learned about oil rigs, which one should know about if living here…

 “Indigo”, a bookstore with the funnest kids’ section ever…

and of course, a play area where finally Ethan was allowed to play too…

It felt like a coming home of sorts…and I don’t think that’s because of my Jersey roots.  It felt different enough to remind me that I’m living somewhere that’s a bit cross-cultural for me.  Walking around a mall with a coffee feels much more comfortable than perusing the local “Loonie” store in my small town. (Loonies are one-dollar coins.  They have loons on them.  Two-dollar coins are called, “Toonies”sp.??? I have no idea why- needless to say you need a much bigger change purse here).  Browsing a huge bookstore brightly lit with practically its own playground and computers to tell you exactly how many copies are in store of the book you’re looking for is easier than driving to the locally owned “Three Hills Books” the size of the whole kids’ section of the mega book store.  (That reminds me of, “You’ve Got Mail”). 

The girls ended the day playing, “poor farm girls” (a pretending game where they are orphaned poor farm girls) with Robb (who was their horse) but that’s more because we watch too much, “Little House on the Prairie”.


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