Robb was sitting in meteorology class watching a video on hurricanes

(HURRICANE! from Nova on PBS).   

It was talking about the US Pacific Fleet and how they used to get damaged by hurricanes that they couldn’t predict.  That changed in 1944 when they started using planes with radar to monitor storms.  (I hope that sounded like I knew what I was talking about because I could easily be way off and not know it…but that’s not the important part anyway). 

It flashed to some file footage circa 1944 of the inside one of the planes with this kind of equipment…and the pilot. 

ALFRED F. TUCKER- Robb’s grandfather.  (well, he’s about 90% sure it was him).  This is the still from the dvd.  Alfred flew in the reserves for about 10 years and was called to active duty in 1942 to a special missions group throughout the war.  He had a remarkable career in aviation not only in the military but also with the airlines and corporate flying as well.  It would also be worthy to note that it has been said that Ethan resembles him. 

 I wish he could see his grandson right now… and I wish Robb could talk to him.  But even though that’s not possible, it was exciting to have him show up today.


3 thoughts on “Heritage…

  1. Wow! What a legacy Robb’s grandfather has passed on to his son and now, even after both of their deaths, his grandson! 🙂

  2. Rob’s comment to me, “I’m going to see if I have the Tucker flying blood in me.” Well….there you go – AMAZING!

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