Terre Mauvais…

that’s French for ‘bad land’.  Apparently when some French explorers came to this area back in the mid 18th century, that’s what they called it.  It was nearly impossible to ranch or farm back then and challenging to survive. 

I try to imagine living here in the Prairie with literally nothing around.  It actually doesn’t take too much imagination…just remove 3 farms and a few oil rigs and it’s easily pictured.  Of course, I exaggerate, but not by much.  The wind alone, without sufficient covering would be unbearable.  I’ve been told that’s why you see farms with a line of trees around the house or property- to give the wind some resistance.  But even here in town.  We live on the literal edge of town.  This house backs up to prairie and there have been some nights, mornings where the wind is howling and shaking the house.  It has woken up kiddos.  And that’s in a solidly built dwelling.  Never would I want to make a go of it in a house of long ago. 

Throw in some cowboys, dinosaur stuff, a tough breed of farmers and ranchers (which has become easier through modern inventions and some infrastructure) and I would definitely agree with this term.  Although I’ve also heard it called, “The Dust Bowl”.  oh no…


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