“A rainbow princess and a dentist”.  That was the answer I heard my daughter say to her class as they went around the circle and told what they would like to be when they grow up.  I had walked into the preschool building just in time to hear her share and I was thankful.  And it gets better when you ask what perhaps a rainbow princess does and you get that incredulous look as if you should know and the matter-of-fact answer, “MA-AHM!  You be a princess”. 

It’s something you can’t help though…that thing that lights you up, that you’re drawn to and without even being conscious of it, pursue because you can’t get enough.  For me, it began in 2nd grade when I befriended Anjali Tripathi…because I was intrigued with our differences.  We eventually pricked our fingers and became ‘blood sisters’ at the top of the hill at my elementary school during recess but I also remember telling her that cows don’t have souls.    

When I was fourteen, I traveled to Australia for the summer on my first missions trip.  It could have been because my relationship with God deepened tremendously and became so personal, but it was like I had found my ‘home’.   Not that I wanted to live in Australia indefinitely but it lit a fire in me that I have yet to quench. 

I surrounded myself with people, through books, and through some tangible relationships that loved God and lived, worked overseas.  I couldn’t get enough of their lives, stories, testimonies and words.  One of those people was Helen Roseveare.  She had returned from Africa before I was even born so now she is in her 80s…and she’s here.   In Three Hills, at Prairie.  I will get to hear her speak (Robb will get to hear her lots of times because he is required to usher- but just once I will go in his place).  While many would clamor after Bono or Britney or whomever…this is the big deal for me.  It feels like the chance of a lifetime.  I can’t wait…


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