Creative Children’s Museum…

Friday has been declared, at least in our house, excursion day.  This week we have had a cold spell, a very cold spell, even for albertans- cold spell.  A little bit challenging to get all three kids around cold spell, let alone drive long enough in the weather to get anywhere- cold spell.  Yesterday was very cold but at least clear…we had to pick Robb up in Calgary in the afternoon anyway so we spent the morning at the Creative Children’s Museum…part of the Telus Museum of Science.  What a great city.  I can’t wait to explore it more when it gets warmer.  and what a great place.  They loved it. 

But this was the best part- they had a theatre room.  A stage where they could press buttons to turn on and off lights, make music and sound effects.  There were props and costumes.  Then, a four-year old boy named Daniel came in with his mom and for the better part of an hour they just all put together their production of Sleeping Beauty.  It never really got started and never ended but it was so fun to watch them try and create it.  

Samara was the princess and Daniel was the prince, which probably made Sela glad because she’s usually the one relegated to that part.  Instead she got to be the queen and this is her doing her dance.


Sammi was not only the leading lady but in charge of all lighting and music changes.  This is her running to the back to change something in the middle of a scene. 

They declared as a very fun place and so do I.


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