no shootin’…

One of the problems of little kiddos and long stretches of road with only snow-covered prairie on each side and destinations that are all over an hour away, no matter how diligent you are about having them go before you leave, is the inevitable, “POTTY!  I’ve got to go potty”.  Well, there really is only one thing to do… especially on a warm day like this (which means it’s not negative temps). 

that’s right!  I pulled my poor little girl’s pants down and she had to go on the side of the road in our quick ‘stand on my feet, hold my hands and lean back’ position.  She was fascinated how she melted the snow.  And all right under this sign… 

When I asked her how it was, this is how she described it…

She said she felt much better though.


4 thoughts on “no shootin’…

  1. Hilarious! I remember one of our boys not being able to go for fear “SOMEONE would SEE him!” Really? JUST GO!!!!!! Hoep everyone’s shoes survived unscathed.

    • I love all your comments, Anne! Shoes were all good. We have it down. And that is the best part of the prairie: there is very little chance anyone would see. There is snow prairie on all sides and the whole time not one car was to be seen…in every direction. so it’s actually pretty private. The cold is the challenge. I couldn’t believe she did it.

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