encouragement box…

As I picked up Samara from preschool I got in a conversation with one of the other moms and in it she invited me to a Wed. am Bible Study.  She said it was all young moms and she really enjoyed the study.  I knew I would go.  I knew it would be good for me.  But I knew it would make me miss what I left behind.  And that’s just never fair.  No matter how great the study, how exceptional the teaching, how warm the other girls were, nor how much my kids liked playing in their childcare class, it never compares to what you are already used to doing.  I loved my Bible Study group in Wheaton. 

In December when I was leaving a group of friends put together a box for me…an encouragement box.  Today when I got home from my new study, I pulled it out. 


In it they each wrote a letter or card to encourage me and they told me to open them when needed.  So, today I pulled out one and of course, I pulled out the card from the girl who ran the Bible Study I was a part of.  Those were the words I needed to hear…and I was encouraged. 


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