birthday snack…

hmmmm…now what could I make for Samara to bring as a snack to her preschool class for her birthday that would be completely impractical, extremely messy and much too sweet.  that’s it, rice krispies treat pizza…

 Sela made her own personal pan pizza.  “No, you cannot lick the spoon.”  “Yes, Sela, if some gets on your fingers, you may lick it off”.  All of a sudden we had lots of “accidental” slips with the fingers.  She even included lots of “whoopsies” for effect. 

The teachers are not going to like me… I’m such a rookie. 

ps  I wanted to include a small picture that the girls insisted that I take of them with their Grandma Trude apron and hats on with Sophia (Sammi’s doll) with her matching apron.  so cute!


4 thoughts on “birthday snack…

  1. Happy Birthday Samara. I can’t believe that you will be 5 years old tomorrow. My that time sure did fly by. Your rice krispies treat pizza looks REALLY GOOD! I wish I could taste it.

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Happy 5th Birthday Sammi from the Slates’ girls! 🙂 Kristy, I have never heard of a Rice Krispies Treat Pizza before…how fun! You will be a favorite amongst the kids for sure! 🙂

    • i’ll have to tell you, aunt chris, they are in reality, not extremely yummy but they look cute. It’s just rice krispie treat shaped like pizza crust with strawberry jam and white frosting. Cut-up fruit roll-ups for the pepperoni and some green sprinkles. They loved making them though.

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