glad they came…

This is Cannis…

She is from Hong Kong and the mother of a smart 6-year-old named Jocelyn whom both my girls now adore.  Peace just surrounds her so that when I’m around her I feel calmer.  She seems to walk into most situations and begin serving anybody and everybody present.  She says that she struggles with expressing herself in English but every time she opens her mouth something wise or profound is coming out.  And I can tell that she’s not afraid to say the hard thing when it’s called for.  She loves God with all her heart.  Everyone should have a friend like her. 

This is Jillian…

She is Canadian, but an east coaster…from what I have heard from the cliffs of Nova Scotia.  She doesn’t struggle with English at all but she does say things like “PRO-cess” (read long o) and soya sauce.   She is the mother of sweet Isaac and angel baby, Ella.  She is open, transparent and genuine.  The kind of person that isn’t afraid to put herself out there…the good and the bad and because she does, she challenges you to be better.  When I’m around her I find myself laughing and I felt an instant connection to her.  She loves God with all her heart.  Everyone should have a friend like her. 

And this is Ella, Jillian’s angel baby…

I just had to include her sweet face.  She’s got nothing but smiles. 

She gets two pictures because she’s so cutey. 

Anyhoo, all of our husbands began the flight program this January and none of our husbands are 19 years old which makes them the non-traditional student and some of the eldest in the school.  We all have our journeys of how we got here, but I’m so glad they came.  Every Thursday afternoon, they come over and we talk…and pray…and I’m always encouraged and energized by them.  Every Sunday our families get together for dinner and just to be together.  It has been wonderful. 

They are our Three Hills family and I am full of gratitude and appreciation.


3 thoughts on “glad they came…

  1. I can’t get over how much Ella has grown in the month since I last saw her! Please give her (and Isaac) hugs and kisses for me. After my grandbabies get some. Miss you all! XOXO

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