about the birthday girl…

It is a tradition that after we sing and candles have been blown out, we go around the table and say what we like about the birthday person.  I wanted to share with you one of the greatest things about Samara by sharing with you about her actual birthday day. 

We are not doing birthdays big…this year it has consisted of making a cake, singing, blowing out the candles, and all of the little things to make the birthday kid feel special like our birthday countdown calendar, birthday hat, birthday meals, etc.  All of it is just with our family.  They have been quiet, yet sweet.  Personally I feel like I’ve spent better time with the birthday kid then when I’m distracted by organizing and orchestrating parties, etc. 

Sammi wanted a castle cake.  She excitedly pulled out the ingredients (read cake boxes, frosting containers and the doodads to decorate it with).  And in the morning we began…

 But we weren’t able to finish.  Her little brother who woke up with a fever a few times the night before woke up from his long morning nap with an even higher fever.  Because of his “special blood” just like his oldest sister’s, he had to be seen by a doctor.  Without any other option here that means a trip to the emergency room at the small hospital in town here…and a long wait.  (I won’t pontificate about the system here)  The birthday girl spent from lunch to dinner of her day waiting in the hospital.  At one point, I even said to her, “I’m sorry, birthday girl, that you have to wait here at the hospital on your special day.”  And that’s where she just shines.  Without hesitation, she cheerfully replied, “That’s okay, mom!”  There was no complaining, no ruffling of the feathers, no begrudging attitude, no entitlement…she just went with it.  Samara just goes with it. 

It wasn’t until 7:00 that night that we resumed her castle cake decorating.  and her smile and excitement was a little more tired but didn’t miss a beat…

Isn’t this the sorriest cake you’ve ever seen (not my forte) but it was fun…and she was very proud…

This wonderful quality will serve you well as you live your life.   You are loved. 

I also won’t pontificate my views on disney princesses here either.  This doll was all she asked for.


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