our PRO-cesses…

It’s a PRO-cess.  that has become our catch-word for a lot of things here.  particularly regarding our minivan that has been in the shop since my some bad news and some good news day.  It’s been a looooooong time…and it’s been a PRO-cess.  pretty much every time we called we were told about the PRO-cess.  Finally the day has come, we got the call that we can come pick it up. 

It got me thinking about our own PRO-cesses…there has not been one time that this accident has been brought up between Robb and I that he doesn’t launch into his “step-by-step” strategy that he bores, I mean implores me to follow while driving.  Even if I try very hard to listen, he gets about two sentences in and all I start hearing is the grown-up voices on Charlie Brown.  Then when he sees me glazing, it crosses a line somewhere deep down in his soul and it becomes incredulity that I am not only not listening but would not take notes on his “safer driving” lecture to implement them to the finest detail the next time I’m behind the wheel.  Why he has not figured out that this is probably not the way to motivate me is beside the point…but of course, he’s right. 

One of his instructors was just saying to their group that there are few professions where attention to detail becomes so imperative.  He made the point that even in the medical field, if someone slips up on an important detail…someone else may die.   However when you’re a pilot, if you don’t pay close attention to even the small details, you die.   

and so I ask the question, “Who wants to fly in a plane with me as the pilot?” (*cricket* *cricket*)

But I would fly with Robb…and then I see the beauty in how God has created him.  This is part of what will make Robb a good pilot…he operates in procedure, rules and doesn’t believe in the deviation of them nor can understand anyone who would. (Anyone who has ever played a game with him knows exactly what I mean…because he is THAT person, holding the rulebook, policing everyone.  Lord knows why I changed that rule while playing with Samara to make it easier…but not Robb.  He is still preaching strict adherence to me…and that was princess Go Fish!)  So, Robb, even though it’s a big difference in who we are, I appreciate who God made you to be.  In fact, I’m trusting in it for when you’re flying…


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