green-eyed monster…

There is nothing like a good kid’s book, but all around our favorite has become the Berenstain Bear Books.  They always have a good message.  Sela’s favorite right now, and when I say favorite I mean read this book every night before bed for the past 45 days, is “The Green-Eyed Monster”.  It’s Brother Bear’s birthday and Sister Bear has a hard time not being jealous over his new birthday bike with super-sport wheels.  So, she encounters her green-eyed monster and learns that she’ll only get you in trouble. 

So, it was perfect when Sela started getting that, “I gotta have it” look as Sammi opened her presents…I reminded her about the book and told her she should go get it to remind her…

she got it…because later she was able to be this excited for Sammi as she opened another gift.

I love when books intersect our lives…


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