what Helen said…

When Helen came,

this  is just one story she told…

but here’s the whole thing.

Rally #1   WHY our God is a missionary God…

Rally #2   WHERE- no barriers

Rally #3   WHAT does a missionary do…

Rally #4    WHICH or how we are to do it…

Rally #5    WHO

I was only there for rally #2 and I have to admit when she stood and walked to the front, I got a little teared up.  This is pure enjoyment.  I hope some of you take the time to listen.


One thought on “what Helen said…

  1. My Dad, who was a missionary in India for over 40 years, was so excited at the thought of Helen’s being here – but then he realized that he was booked for three conferences in India at the same time she would be here so he wouldn’t get to see her. He implored the rest of the family to go in his absence. Someone bought the CDs for him (he’s 79, too old for tracking it down online!) and one of the first things he did when we got back was to book a morning off and listen to the sessions.

    My Dad is quite a reserved man but he waxes rhapsodic at the thought of Helen! I’m glad you got to go to one session at least …

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