The snow-eater…

It’s officially spring…and since that official beginning, it hasn’t stopped snowing.  It’s a light fluffy, “springtime” kind of snow, but still I found myself outside shoveling the driveway today…and it’s still falling.  My ice on branches has turned into heap on branches…

These are the icicles hanging on my neighbor’s garage right outside our window.   I actually trudged down my driveway, up theirs, through what would be considered the bunny hill in the Poconos, to take this picture.  Besides risking them thinking that their crazy American neighbor is trespassing…with a camera? (they’re actually super-nice), I wished I’d had snowshoes…and snowpants…and actually gloves too.  Anyway, I really wanted to take pictures of these icicles that are so long they are curving back into the side of the building…

There is something here called a “Chinook” as in, “Let’s hope we get a chinook soon”.  I have only heard it casually brought up in conversation.  I don’t think there has been one here since we have been here, but they must happen often enough because people hope for them, pray for them, plead for them (but that may just be us).  It’s wind.  a warm westerly wind that comes off the Rockies down onto the plains.  They are so strong and drastic they can change the temperature up to 40 degrees and melt a foot of snow in one hour.  In fact, it’s named after the native Chinook people and they called it a ‘snow-eater’.  What a gift that would be…I’ve decided that I definitely want to experience this phenomenon.


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