he’s a walker…

well, he’s a stepper…  

(you just have to ignore my overly excited and loud voice)  I am very excited though…this kid is getting heavy.


8 thoughts on “he’s a walker…

  1. Wait! I have that SAME excited voice recorded from almost exactly 5 years ago. You’re not the Baby Whisperer but the Baby Walker Screamer!! Love your enthusiasm, Kristy. So proud of the big boy.

  2. 🙂 cyndie- I knew that was going to come up. I have, of course, been excited to watch my babies walk but I think brynna was my first time seeing a kid put it together and take those first steps- it was so amazing and exciting to me…and so now you have my ‘scream’ to listen to every time you watch your second child’s first steps.

  3. I too think I’ve heard the same enthusiastic Aunt Kristy sounds for my babies walkings. Love it Krist! But what I think is so great from that video is Robb’s worried look and cautious hands there ready to catch E’s fall. Very cute (and funny, if you know Robb) all at the same time!

  4. Uncle Day says, “if this makes Uncle Robb that nervous, it’s going to make all his hair fall out. Oh wait, to late!”

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