at the hangar…

This is where Robb has been spending most of his time…

 It seems like a desolate place on the outside but it’s not at all on the inside.  I don’t really get to go there often with three little kiddos in tow, but I just bring some cookies and no one seems to notice.  We all like to see what he’s doing. 

This is where most of his group instruction is…

This is Robb getting instruction before a flight in the simulator today…

This is the simulator where Robb has done all of his flying (at least in Three Hills) so far.  Next lesson, excepting weather, it’s up in a plane. 

These are some cute kids hanging in a hangar…

We loved being so close to this yellow plane because we see it flying over our house and town a lot. 

I have no idea what these charts are but I saw Robb’s name on them. 

It’s by last name but he says he still gets confused for a moment sometimes since someone’s last name is ‘Robb’.

Besides lessons, he is scheduled to do dispatch and line service (which is bringing in and gassing up the planes).  He cleans airplanes and even gets a turn sweeping out the hangar…and probably other stuff.  Now we just need some good flying weather…


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