sick in bed…

This weekend I found myself confined to bed with fever, chills, cough, whatever it was…and because of that:

*I realized I will not forfeit a night out with my husband and a babysitter…not even for a fever and a bad cough.  I was a cheap date at dinner and I made it until about 9:00.

*I’m so happy, no THRILLED about this sweet college student I found to babysit.  She is an early childhood major and after the night she was so excited about how what she studied earlier in the day applied to my kiddos, i.e. how she led them to resolve and problem-solve their conflict with one another…AND then she tried to refuse payment on the grounds that she just enjoys it.  TRIED.  I’m in love with her. 

*I read a whole book in two days, which used to be something not unusual except that I find with three little kiddos as soon as I finally sit down to start reading I can’t keep my eyes open.  Ahhh, even being sick, this is so fun for me. 

*We felt the support of friends.   Jillian brought over the yummiest chicken noodle and Cannis and her family took the girls out for a trip to the library and tea at the teahouse on Sat.  We are so thankful for them…again.

*The house just became more than a mess…because that happens in about 20 seconds if you don’t keep on top of it.  Robb likes to say that things are a little different when he’s in charge.  It just made me tired and return to bed. 

*But then Robbie JoJo shows up…and I love when he shows up.  (that’s when Robb, my normally laid-back and quite messy husband,  just goes crazy cleaning, I mean, thorough cleaning.  While the girls and I watched Sound of Music on my bed. Well, Sammi and I watched, Sela just hopped around).  Love it.  And he also thoroughly cleaned out my car.  I’m in love with him too.

*It was the first time Ethan cried because his dad left the room when I was sitting right there…ok, this one is not okay with me. 

*Now my two littlest have caught it.  so sad.  At least I’m better to take care of them.

*The inevitable appreciation that comes from getting up with the kids at night…and the morning, feeding them every meal, playing, mediating, changing diapers and trying to keep some kind of semblance of order while finding time to brush your own teeth, well, doing the job of a mother for 48 hours.  Never bad for him to remember what I do every day and never bad for me to have a break, even a not fun one. 

Now I’m back.


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