Sunday ride…

It was sunny, clear and as spring as I felt here yet.  So we went for a bike ride.  Well, I rode my bike pulling two kids and Sammi rode her bike and Robb ran. 

We did a little out-of-town riding…

The horses were a big hit…

This is the back of our street from across the prairie behind it…

Sela fell asleep and Ethan was reading her books.  I loved listening to him. 

and we did a little in-town riding…

Sammi has a daddy who loves her…when her hands got cold, she could put them in her pockets while he ran beside her and pushed and steered.  I honestly don’t know how he does stuff like that…running uphill, but I like it when he does. 


This isn’t the only restaurant in town, but it almost might as well be.  It’s not much to look at it on the outside but is pretty cozy on the inside. 

We think Jim and Eve are going to love it…


3 thoughts on “Sunday ride…

  1. wow! you still have a lot snow. It looks like you were all happy to get outside for a bit. We had the DeZwaans here for a couple of days and were wishing you were here too. Ruby said, when she heard they were coming, “But they will be sad this time because Samara and Sela won’t be here”. Funny what they remember.
    I hope you are all well. You are missed here.

    • I could feel you shudder as you wrote about our remaining snow. It’s funny that it all becomes relative and that this feels like spring. I can’t wait until all the snow melts though and we can walk on dry ground. although i’m sad to say that you’ve lost your “hate the cold” comrade. ever since his wilderness survival week he’s become mr. “i’m so tough about the cold”. well, he’s still not rusty but the gap has closed tremendously. I know, i saw on fb that they were headed your way and we were so sad to miss it. although we’re much closer to them now so maybe this summer we’ll drive to see them. of course, i’ve got all kinds of fun plans that might not pan out…like I want to sell one of our cars for a camper. robb already said no. anyhoo, glad to hear from you. you are all missed as well. say hi to the whole fam.

  2. We don’t see the words “Golden Dawn” outside of this restaurant! This makes it tough to measure up to “The Restaurant”! Every place is measured against this standard! But we are willing to measure it and give it a try.
    Jim & Eve

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