Robb was away for the weekend (more on that later…) and wasn’t due back in until Monday evening.  We had a doctor’s appointment down in Calgary at the Children’s Hospital (more on that later…) and the whole situation felt a bit familiar and that last time we found ourselves here it didn’t go so well.  so we needed some redemption, me and the kiddos.  and we got it and this time it was altogether different. 

It was sunny, not snowy…the sunniest, springiest weather yet.  We’re beginning to see the ground.  The blanket of white is melting into spring and it feels like a whole new adventure to drive and see the landscape for something different entirely.  Granted it is still sweater and jacket weather but we’ll take it.  And take it outside we did.  The appointment wasn’t until the afternoon so we did a little stop-off at the calgaryzoo.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that Sela ran the whole time…she literally ran everywhere we went in the zoo. 

The hippos were our favorite of the day because they were so close…and big and because robb watched a show about a guy who was trying to take photos of hippos recently. 

peacocks were walking around…

“where have these girls put me now?”

and then this happened…

Can’t you just hear her little voice?  apparently Sammi was unknowingly squishing her and it caused her very soul to have angst. 

And who is this big girl?  This picture makes her look so old…

a little more soul angst…

Nothing a little playing on the OUTDOOR playground couldn’t cure…

We went on from here to the hospital…passing the scene of our mess of two months ago.  As they talked through the experience again of the accident and we pulled into the parking garage of the hospital…we literally and seriously all gave a cheer.  We felt redeemed.


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