a package from aunt christine…

my Aunt Christine, my mother’s oldest sister.  but before I share the package- I just want to share that she is a wonderful aunt and I’m so thankful for her.  It’s the thoughtful things like packages of goodies…

and goodies they were.  We got our surprise ‘package’ slips in our mailbox at the school letting us know we need to go to the local post office to pick them up.  And I think that I hit a small-town milestone.   When we walked up to the counter and the girls handed the woman the slips and she said, “Tucker, right?”.  I think we have just arrived. 

anyway, those packages turned our lunch into a feast.  We got a box of the juiciest, yummiest pears, so much so that my kids wouldn’t stop asking for them and then asked for some pears again tonight for dessert.  This has to be how fruit was intended to taste.  Sammi declared them to be super duper luper good. 


and a pretty pink box full of Easter cookies that completely motivated Sela to eat her entire lunch and that’s no easy feat. 

We love you, Gredvigs!


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