Book- How to Be God’s Little Princess

What little girl doesn’t want to learn about being the princess that she is?  This is a clever how-to book written by Sheila Walsh explaining things that every mother would want her little girl to learn and puts it into ‘royal’ vernacular.  It’s manners with a crown.  Brilliant!  There are little lessons, quizzes, pictures and review exercises covering topics from jewelry…to friends…to eating out…to phone etiquette.  It seems to work best for us to use the book as reference rather than a read-through.  For example, if my daughter’s needs some instruction on asking permission, we can pull down the book and read together the rules a princess would follow to do that.  She seems eager to see what the book says and I think feels special to have her very own “princess reference guide”.  Even if all of the topics aren’t relevant today, it seems like this book could have application for a while.   I would definitely recommend it!


One thought on “Book- How to Be God’s Little Princess

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