dressing up and public speaking…

“This involves two things that I hate: dressing up and public speaking”.  That was the beginning of Robb’s acceptance speech last weekend.  While we were visiting dolls and reptiles last weekend, he took a plane out to California- back to his hometown where everyone calls him Robbie and people say words like, “explosive”, “fast” and “best” when remembering his athletic career there.  He was part of the first induction to his highschool’s athletic hall of fame.  From over 20 years of the high school being open, only 6 guys were being inaugurated and Robbie was one of them.  He ran cross-country and played basketball and baseball, leaving his mark on all three there. 

These are the three men that coached him in those three sports talking about Robbie and saying why he was picked for this honor. 

He was unguardable in basketball and even when he went back to coach was still unguardable, he held the distinction in baseball of being the only student under this coach to be visited and ‘worked out’ by a Dodgers scout and what is there even to say about running- only a small elect of people hold the Eric Liddell distinction of ‘being created by God to run’.  He makes it all look easy and I think to him it is. 

And as far as his “hates” go, I think he looked extremely handsome all dressed up and I love what he managed to say even though he got a little choked up.  He said he was touched most by the many people as he looked around the room that have touched his life…and that was bigger than any accomplishment or ability. 

That’s my Robbie.  Thus ends my brag post…


3 thoughts on “dressing up and public speaking…

  1. Such a great night, Kristy. I was thinking of you and how proud you’d be when you saw the video. I was a proud big sister too.

  2. Congratulations Rob-God’s gifts to you have obviously touched many lives and your humble, sensitive spirit shines for all to see!

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