resurrection eggs…bright yellow

We read John 19:16b-18 before finding nails put together in a cross inside our egg

The soldiers made Jesus carry the heavy wooden cross to the top of a hill and then nailed him to it.  Then He died a few hours later.  God must love us very much to allow Jesus to be punished for what we do wrong and Jesus must love us because He was willing. 


One thought on “resurrection eggs…bright yellow

  1. Hi Kristy! I haven’t read your blog in a week, and now you can imagine my total joy at seeing your kiddos with the resurrection eggs. I made my own when Abby and Danny were little. I was too cheap to buy them! LOL We still have them in the attic. I will use them with my grandkids. Be sure to take pictures of the girls’ faces with the last egg. It is always my favorite moment! I will be praying for you all to have a wonderful, meaningful Easter. I can’t wait to sing “Christ is Risen!” at WBC. Love to you,


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