resurrection eggs…gold

So we found the golden egg

I love how excited everyone got…even daddy.  We read Matthew 28:5-6 about when the women found the tomb to be empty…and so was our egg. 

which distraught Sela very much…until we excitedly talked about the tomb being empty and she decided that it was something to also be joyful about. 

When the two women came to the tomb, they were surprised…just like Sela, that THE TOMB WAS EMPTY!  Jesus’ body was not there.  The angel told them that He had come back to life.  THAT was the promise that Jesus made to His disciples at their special dinner just a few days before- that He would die and rise again to show THOSE WHO BELIEVED IN HIM that they would live forever, too.   Someday, because He died for us, we can meet Him in heaven. 

That’s the story of Easter…and it’s TRUE!


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