spring? break…

well, this week it’s spring break…and it’s just a little bit springy.  Yesterday it rained and had that yummy spring rain scent…

alright, it’s true…none of us actually made it out of our pajamas…but that’s what ‘house days’ are for. 

and now I understand why Walmart has three full rows of shelves selling these water boots…because if you have snow mounded on the ground all winter and then it gets warmer, everything becomes wet, muddy, puddley and sloshy.  Sammi even remarked when we drove along one edge of town that she never knew there was a lake there.  “No, Sammi, that’s snow melting.  So snow boots to water boots it is. 

But not so fast… today breakfast was accompanied by snow, and then lunch was accompanied by hail and then the sun came out.


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