a bbq…

This past weekend it was graduation.  everyone from the flight school got together at the hangar for a bbq on Sunday night to celebrate the graduates.  for us, it seemed like a celebration of making it through the winter, an exhale into spring, in spite of the reassurance by many that the snow is not indeed completely done.   But while it may fall from the sky still, the ground has melted and the landscape has turned from monochromatic white to a refreshing monochromatic brown. 

There was space to just run…

and everyone was invited to play (he belly-laughed every time they threw the frisbee)…

to sit and eat with others and remember that this is a very shared experience…

with these people that we are so glad to know…and getting to know.

I love this picture but it wasn’t until just now that I realized the four countries that are represented by these people…Holland, US, Hong Kong and Canada.  After such a fun night, we know the strength of this program is in its people.  The instructors and their wives that are interested in more than just flying and share their lives and stories as well as people, from the 20-year old boy from the ranch up in British Columbia as well as the family from the urban reaches of Asia, that love God and want to serve Him…with all their hearts which translates to how they relate to those around them and how they view the world and their purpose in it.  I’m enjoying sitting and talking to them…and getting to know them.  That has been the best part for me…


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