Sammi and soccer…

Samara loves to hear the story about how from the time I bore all 10 pounds of her…well, emergency c-sectioned her 10 pounds, she hated being swaddled.  She flat out refused to lay bundled and would wiggle her little arms and legs right out of it, defying the blanket every time, almost daring me to keep her still.  And true enough I have never been able to.  She has an energy that in all honesty I’m not sure what to do with sometimes.  I’m constantly on a learning curve with directing it, seeing the strength in it – that can be hidden well at times and channeling it without squelching her tenacious spirit.  So…until I’ve got that down my big plan is sports.  The physicality, running around and concept of team is perfect and pure enjoyment for her.  It will be perfect to teach her things like…umm, maybe not hitting the ball out of the coach’s hands while he’s talking to the team…or stealing his hat and running away…or maybe tackling the biggest kid on the field during play…you know, just hypotheticals.  I have been waiting for this day for her…

Sammi, I knew you’d be good at this…


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