So I rode my bike (not important detail but I just wanted to write that so that I could keep up the pretense to myself that it is really spring) over to my friend Jillian’s house last night to watch, “Unplanned” a documentary (based on her book) on the chapter in Abby Johnson’s life where she stepped from one world into another…or from working as a Director of a Texas Planned Parenthood to the ‘other side of the fence’ and her current mission to fight for life.

It is touching to follow the journey through her own words as she takes you through the process recounting her decisions, emotions and struggle.  You see the choices she made that led to volunteering and then later working for that monster of an organization allowing herself to believe the lie that she was helping women.  The most riveting moment of the movie was her first witness of an ultrasound abortion and the sheer horror that opened her eyes.

But the dynamic testimony are the lives of those that stood “on the other side of the fence” every day…praying earnestly, having compassion and the passion to reach out to anyone.  It was those in the “Coalition for Life” office a few doors down that she ran to when it all came crashing down on her…in spite of the fact that they had operated as ‘opposition’ for so long.   They were the hands, feet and hearts Incarnate and they demonstrated the power of relentless prayer and vigilance…and the possibility that God is able to do things we don’t even think to expect and how He is always exceeding. 

If you are interested in hearing more, I would encourage you to sign up this upcoming free Unite for Life webcast featuring Abby Johnson and benefitting pregnancy care organizations.  You can sign up to participate on May 17th at 8:00 pm (in all time zones). 

I am part of the Tyndale Blog Network and was given a free copy of Unplanned to review. All opinions are mine and mine alone and no other compensation was received.


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