my mother’s day…

It is completely counter-intuitive…it seems that on Mother’s Day, the mother should want to spend it with those that are so precious and have made her a mother.   But situations being what they may, I just took off…for a day of freedom, so that ultimately I can be a better mother.  And it filled my cup. 

There’s a guy named Steve that is Canadian and attends my dad’s church in New Jersey.  We have spent a few Thanksgivings together and he lets me pile him with questions about the computer and anything related.  He always answers patiently and I am able to offer him, well…nothing.  We corresponded a bit about coming to Canada and when I first got here he wrote that if I was ever in Calgary and find myself at a little coffee shop called, “Higher Ground”, I should meet his sister, Trisha.  The thought sounded wonderful and I dreamed about it, but there’s a reality of a mother of three small children living almost 2 hours from the city.  However, yesterday that’s exactly where I headed.  It’s in a section of Calgary that I’m guessing is named Kensington because that name was everywhere.  It was artsy, city-like with people congregated on the streets playing guitar, smoking and begging change and a fine east indian restaurant across from the Ethiopian and Vietnamese.  Loved it. 

They had something called a ‘Tea Misto’.  There was a selection but I tried the London Fog which was Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and a little vanilla and I know I have to try it at home because I’m going to crave it in days to come.  My only sadness was Trisha wasn’t working so I never got to meet her. 

Then I went a little more downtown and that’s where the GPS keeps recalculating so I pulled over and found myself in front of a little Lutheran church called Trinity.  The door was cracked open and I couldn’t help but go inside. 

It was small enough that when you walked in the back, you walked into the service.  So, I slipped into the back pew and enjoyed a service in Eritrean, that small country in East Africa.  I think there was about 20 people in the room and some of the most beautiful children I have ever seen.  I saw the woman in front of me say something to a young couple in front of her and the really handsome man came back sat next to me and said, “He’s saying, ‘Shine your light before all the world…from the Bible.’  Then he said it again, “Shine your light before all the world.”  The music was African and soulful and I loved every minute. 

Then, I went grocery shopping on the way home at the Superstore in the city (just like Target) sans kiddos which is a treat in and of itself. 

When I got home I had a surprise waiting for me…handmade pictures hung all over the house…


and some notes…

and now my cup runneth over…


6 thoughts on “my mother’s day…

  1. Very cool (and you’re welcome – so glad you enjoy it 🙂 )! Too bad that Trish wasn’t working – she’s about to move, too – that would have been fun! Leave it to my sister to work/live/go to school in a culturally-interesting part of town! Thanks for the photo of the place, too – she never did post one!

  2. This made my day! I’m also sorry that I wasn’t there – always great to meet friends of the family, especially in such unexpected circumstances!! In any case I’m glad you liked my niche in Kensington and Higher Ground… you are always welcome back!
    ps – I showed my boss your post and he wanted to make sure you got his recipe for homemade london fogs if you should find yourself craving it in the next few days — Enjoy!

    • TRISH!!! I got such a kick out of you reading my post and commenting. It would be so nice to meet you…i’ll use that as a good excuse to get down there again. and thank you, thank you for thinking to give me the recipe for a london fog. i will most definitely try it and i may even try the london fog creme brulee as well. 🙂

  3. Before moving to Three Hills to start the tea house I lived in Sunnyside, a community that runs into Kensington. Higher Ground was my favourite place to go after a movie at the crazy little Plaza theatre across the road or after having spent a magical hour perusing books and Murano glass beads at Pages, the bookstore next to it.

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