Lake Louise-y…freezy!

Lake Louise is about an hour farther into Banff National Park and is known for its pristine lake, a unique color of green/blue, a huge Fairmont Chateau, where the original small teahouse was built…a real sight to see- that none of us has seen yet.  So we head there with kids and it went as it does often with kids.  We arrive and everyone is hungry so we eat our packed lunch in the car.  Then there’s diaper changes, bathroom runs, socks and shoes on, sweatshirts on, admonitions for little girls to stop throwing fist-size rocks into the snow bank, backpack packed, ethan in his carrier, stroller out and unfolded, more admonitions to stop throwing fist-size rocks into the snowbank…and we’re off like a pack of turtles. 

We walk the path up to the lake and discover that it’s still winter in these parts.  For some odd and ignorant reason, we just didn’t see that coming…

There was no beautiful colored lake, but drizzles of rain and colder temperatures.  And so then Sammi is freezing because she usually is hot so she declined her jacket and warmer shoes and Sela starts fitting over whatever 3-year-old nonsensical reason she found at the moment…and this is not looking good. 

This is when, as a mom, I would’ve cut my losses with a wave and a “see you in July”, turned and run for the warmth and safety of the car, to remove all of us from this unfortunate climate change and to leave the general public around us to look at the frozen lake in peace. 

But that’s apparently not what Robb, as a dad, would do.  Instead, he has them down feeling the water at the edge to see how cold it is and to let them throw snowballs as far as they can onto the lake…

then he covers them up with the extra clothes from his backpack, like a t-shirt and a pair of dockers and a pair of tube socks for Sammi’s hands.  Why would he be carrying an extra t-shirt and a pair of dockers in a backpack near a frozen lake?  I don’t know but he was willing to share them…

 And then some kind of stroller game commences involving snow banks, shouts of funny names, crazy steering and bumps…and lake louise becomes a fun place. 

I liked the way he didn’t just get out but turned it around.


4 thoughts on “Lake Louise-y…freezy!

  1. I’m cracking up at the “tee shirt and dockers” comment, Kris. Now that is funny! I’m seriously still laughing. Laughing because anyone who really knows Robb, knows that that’s not all too un-normal. Fun Times!

  2. Great story that shows the wonderful balance between you and Robb! And I am not at all surprised that Robb was prepared with extras in his backpack. I imagine there were some paper towels and latex gloves in there, too. I miss you guys!!

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