light vs. heat…

I was talking to another mom this week while sitting in the community indoor pool…about weather.  Because evidently, when snow is mounded on the ground all winter and then melts into small roadside lakes and then gets warmer, it’s the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.  We’ve had to watch Sammi’s soccer game from the car (although robb toughed it out), Sela has all but given up going outside and my poor baby isn’t old enough to know to swat so he’s covered with bites.  Ahhh, but I’ve heard there is hope.  It’s not done snowing.   In fact, I nonchalantly said, “Oh, so you haven’t put away your snow stuff yet” and she looked at me like I was ridiculously in denial and said, “I don’t ever put away the snow stuff.”  super.  Across the board all we’ve heard is that it’s not done snowing yet.  It may not stick, it won’t freeze…but it WILL snow.  In fact, there is a potential for snow at any month of the year here.  super duper.  BUT all that turns into a prayer when this next snow will marvelously kill off the swarms and so it’s actually welcomed and anticipated.  And if that’s our ray of light, then I join the Three Hills masses. 

Speaking of light, I think I’ve stumbled onto something interesting.  All winter I’ve been a little bit intrigued by people’s attitude about the weather.  I wondered, “do they like this weather? Do they mind it?  Why don’t they hate it?  Why doesn’t it seem it’s a bother to anyone?”   I’m wondering this because for the most part, everyone just puts their heads down and endures with resilience negative temperatures and snow as far as the eye can see. 

And then this week, it decides to rain…all week.  Overcast, cloudy, drizzly…still moderate temperatures, but gray!   And all of a sudden it seems like the flood gates open…with bitterness and sad sentiments about the weather everywhere I turn.  preschool moms, moms group moms, in the grocery store, post office…and I’m thinking…you live through alberta winter on the prairie and THIS is what is miserable.  I’ll take this any day. 

And then with lightning fast deduction, by the end of the week, I realize it’s the sun.  All winter it shines and this one week it hasn’t…and it’s made all the difference.  interesting.  well, rain or shine, you can’t stay cooped up all day, everyday. 

 you just have to play…


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