ice cold lemonade here…

It was a hot cocoa day.  It was windy, stormy, rainy, COLD and pretty miserable day outside…but also the day we decided to have a garage sale…and lemonade stand.  One, because that what we had planned, two, because we’re not ready to be handling hot liquids and three, it’s almost the end of June and what one would anticipate to be  lemonade weather. 

(ohh…here comes a customer!)

Sammi serving a customer…and Sela drinking the profits.  Despite the weather, they made a killling.  Sammi is a sales girl extrodinaire. 

Seriously, it was cold.  (and this is Ethan’s special blanket and I love how he holds it up by his ear and cuddles it!)

Then our friends stopped by and we closed the garage sale and heard some music from the sweetest little guitar players I’ve ever seen.

 Then it was off to the teahouse which is exactly for some alone time with my book and rooibos tea which is exactly where I would want to be on a day like this.  After being surprised by a friend who had found out where I was and came…it was good conversation and some delicious quiche. 

And this is what is happening at home…the little boy gets his first popsicle out of his dad…

Ahhh, who cares about the weather…this wasn’t a miserable day at all.


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